A Switch in Time i-Slots

It’s amazing how people get so creative when it comes to designing slot machine themes.  Throughout its existence, the Slot O’ Cash Casino has had many different slot machines and themes.  The newest i-Slots game to come out of the Slot O’ Cash Casino is A Switch in TimeA Switch in Time is a great slot game theme that is modeled after a time machine story.

A Switch in Time is a well-made slot game that’s perfect for those who want to play a relaxed game of slots.  The soft, cartoon-based graphics used a neutral and earthy color palette, making it easy on the eyes.  The background music provided is very relaxing and conducive for relaxed game play.  In addition, the game rules are easy to understand.

The Symbols used are based off of the aforementioned time machine theme.  Most of the symbols used are time-related, such as hourglasses, time machines and timepieces.  The others are basically paraphernalia of the main characters of the game, who are also symbols used in the reels.  Examples of these are the lamp, carriage and trunk.

The game has a total of 20 payout lines, at a maximum.  The minimum number of lines you can play is one, which is, as always, the center line.  More and more patterns are made available as you increase your number of lines.  The minimum bet you can put per line is $0.01, which is $2.00 per spin if all 20 lines are played.  The maximum bet per line is $0.25, which is $15.00 per spin, if all 20 available lines are played.

A Switch in Time is very easy to play and is very enjoyable.  Aside from the usual betting and spins, you are given the opportunity to win free spins and bonuses, depending upon the symbols that come up in your reels.  For free spins, three or more occurrences of the female lead character need to come up in your reel.  For the bonus round, you just need three or more time machine symbols on your real.  Any classic slots fan would enjoy this enticing game.

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