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Baccarat is one of the most famous casino games that gained initial popularity with the French nobility. Today, this online casino game is frequently played by gamblers all over the world and continues to fascinate both novice and professional gamblers. Winning this traditional card game requires you to have total card value of a perfect “Natural Nine” or at least, a “Natural Eight”.

Baccarat uses eight decks, but can vary depending on the preference of the online casino. The number of decks gives gamblers good hints on how to manage their bets. If the game used lesser decks, the banker’s bet is the ideal option. Banker and player’s bets get the same house edge advantage and have equal chances of winning. Another bet can be made if there is a tie, which gives you the chance to win back your entire bet, and can be carried out if you did not wager for a tie.

Gamblers collect the first and third cards and the banker gets the second and fourth cards. Aces take the important value of one, cards from 2 to 10 are equivalent to the corresponding numbers indicated and Jack, Queen and King, indicate a value of zero. The value hand value is determined using the ones digit of the sum of the cards, if it is greater than ten. For example, if your hand value is twelve, the baccarat value of the card is simply two. If the first cards result to a “Natural Nine” or a “Natural Eight”, the player or the banker automatically wins the game. Ties occur for similar occurrences. Additional cards are drawn if the hand value is less than six or seven. If one of the gamblers or the banker holds a perfect hand, the other players can no longer draw additional cards. The player or the banker possessing the perfect hand is declared the winner and takes home the jackpot.

Baccarat is not your ordinary online casino card game. Being able to analyze and make the most appropriate bet can make you successful in this challenging card game. Are you up to the challenge? Then, start betting against the banker now!

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