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Bust-A-Vault Classic Slots

Bust-A-Vault – Great classic slot from Rival casino. Great payouts, easy to deposit at, and excellent graphics!


The game Bust-a-vault is another classic online slot machine game that can be played by logging on to any of the numerous casino websites that offer it today.  This game is a newly developed slot machine game made by the infamous RIVAL game developer today.  This game features good sounds and music.  It also features numerous buttons that can make it easy for even the individuals who are not computer or internet savvy to play.  It contains a list of available combinations at the left portion of the game screen.  Here you can see the combinations that you need to get per turn or spin and the multiplier that will be used to multiply the total earnings that you will get per turn.

You can also see the number of coins that you have placed as bet, the total amount of bet converted into dollars and the total winnings that you get per turn.  This is located at the lower mid part of the game screen.  You will also see two adjacent buttons in the form of the plus button and the minus button.  These buttons will allow you to increase or decrease the amount of coins that you have placed as bet.  The select coins button allows you to select the column of multipliers available for each spin.  The auto bet button in turn allows you to let the system play the game for you.  You need real money to engage in this feature.  You can place real money by using your debit card or credit card.  Be surprised as you see how fast your money will grow within the first five minutes of playing the game in automatic mode!

There is also the spin button, the button available for those people who want to play the game at their own rate or pace.  Once you have selected the amount that you want to bet, you just need to click this button in order to complete the turn itself.  This game also features the wild card system wherein if you happen to have two figures of the same combination and the wild card at the same time then the latter will be considered as one of the former, allowing you to win the said turn.

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