Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets i-Slots

Outer space is one of the most exciting slot themes being used.  Not only do they tickle the minds of nerdy science aficionados, they also entice and interest people from all walks of life.  After all, who’s not interested in space travel and adventures?  And when it comes to online space-themed slot games, the best, by far, is the Cosmic Quest series.  The Cosmic Quest series is a two-part space-themed slot series presented by Slot O’ Cash Online Casino.  The first release was a good slot game, but the second installment, Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets, takes the cake.

Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets is a simple yet fun slot game.  Like its predecessor, most of the graphics used in the game (background, symbols) are 3D.  Some graphics were still done in 2D, but it didn’t take away from the aesthetic.  The background music being used in Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets is very similar to the first Cosmic Quest game.  All the same, the perfect mood is set for this game, thanks to the color palettes, the graphics and the music.

Like most i-Slots games offered by Slot O’ Cash Casino, the minimum bet for Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets is $0.01.  Similar to the previous installment, the maximum bet is $0.25.  You can raise your bets by adding coins, which you can max out to 10.  There are a total of 20 playable lines in the reel.  You up your chances of winning with more lines.  Of course, that would entail a higher bet.  You should bet at your own discretion.  Do not over bet but still take some chance.

There are many symbols used in the reel for Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets.  The highest paying symbol is the Expanding WILD.  Getting five Expanding Wild symbols in a row will get you up to 5000 points.  The jackpot, on the other hand, is triggered by the Jetpack reel symbol.  The rest of the reel is mostly robots, planets and satellites.  Also, the Scatterstronaut triggers the fun bonus round.  Try this game once and you’ll have difficulty quitting.

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