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Deuces Wild

The Deuces wild game is a new poker variant that is played both on the internet and actual casinos. The game uses different set of cards, which makes it more unpredictable but highly amusing. Unlike the usual poker card deck that uses 52 cards, the Deuces wild cards has eight more while putting changes to normal cards. Deuces wild uses the same combinations found in regular poker except for the use of deuces as a new suit.

The Deuces wild modifies poker by adding in another suit in the game in the form of deuces. The cards with a deuce logo are normal cards that could belong to any suit. The deuce logo serves to increase the chances of winning since it can be used in several combinations. This is possible since it contains a certain suit and the deuce logo. This increases the chances of winning since two suits are present in one card. For example, a player can hit two winning combinations when he gets five deuce cards with the same deuce logo and suit. In cases the deuce cards have different suit, a price can still be won.

The jackpot in the game is very high. If the player hits the two winning combination of a flush and the same deuce logos, a multiplier is placed. This increases the pot money in the table. The multiplier is usually one thousand or ten thousand depending on the casino. This can make a lot of players rich instantly.

In order to win in the Deuces wild game, the players should bet in a non directional method. By betting in a very inconsistent manner, the computer can be swayed and manipulated. The player can take advantage of the computer using different methods. This is possible by setting up a scenario that would force the computer to fold or call a bet.

Continuous betting can be done in order to build the appearance of confidence. The computer would interpret continuous betting as strong assurance of the player to his set of cards. This would appear that the player has a high probability of winning. This would force the computer to fold allowing the player to get the pot at the table.

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