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Eggstravaganza Classic Slots

Eggstravaganza – Great classic slot from Rival casino. Great payouts, easy to deposit at, and excellent graphics!


Want to play those classic slot machines online with a different twist?  If you have answered this question on the positive note, then you belong to thousands of individuals wanting the same.  Lucky for you since there is now the game called Eggstravaganza, a newly developed classic slot game now available to be played via the internet.  When playing this game, you will notice numerous buttons in the bottom part of the game screen, namely the plus button, the minus button, the select coins button, the bet max button, the auto button and the spin button.  The plus button allows you to bet more coins whilst the minus button allows you to lessen the number of coins that you have placed as your bet.

The bet max button allows you to bet the maximum allowed number of coins for the game.  The auto button allows you the option of letting the system automatically do the betting for you.  The system will constantly place bets for your every turn, without any need for you to painstakingly click the spin button over and over again.  You can sit back and relax while the system earns you money or cash.  You can only avail of this auto button by placing real money on the line.  You can use your credit card in order to engage in this option.  You also find the combinations on the left part of the screen that you need to get in order for you to gain money.

There are icons that you need to get in order to get free spins.  If you get the bunny icon, you get 5x free spins.  If you get two bunny icons, then you get 10x free spins.  If you get the egg icon, you will be able to earn the largest amount possible that may range from 750 coins, 1500 coins or 2250 coins depending on the column for the prices you have chosen before you have spun the slot machine.  All of these features and user friendliness necessarily dictates that this game receives a highly positive review, besting other casino based table games also available in the internet today.

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