Fixer-Upper: Flip A House i-Slots

Fixer-Upper: Flip A House – Great i-slot from rival casinos. Excellent payout, easy to deposit, and much more!

Fixer-Upper: Flip A House

One of the most creative i-Slots themes used in the Slot O’ Cash Online Casino is home improvement.  The home improvement theme is used specifically in the i-Slots game Fixer-Upper Flip A House.  Fixer-Upper Flip A House is a great game that’s ideal for any classic slots lover.  Like all interactive slots games today, Fixer-Upper Flip A House incorporates creative symbols, great graphics and enticing music to the game.  Additionally, the game is very rewarding.

The theme of the game revolves around the story of a couple who just bought a run-down house.  Buying it for a bargain price, they decide to tidy it up and fix it DIY-style.  The couple itself is part of the reel.  The male character brings in the second highest combo rewards, while the female brings in the free spins.  The amount you will win from the male symbol and the amount of free spins you will get from the female symbol will depend on how many of the symbols occur in the reel.

The rest of the symbols are based off of home improvement tools.  Examples of these are the measuring tape, the hammer and nails, the paint and the staple gun.  There are many of these symbols, but out of all these, the best symbol to get in the bunch would be the stepladder, which also doubles as a wildcard symbol.  Getting five of these in a row would trigger the jackpot.  There is one other symbol that is great to get, and that is the monkey wrench.  The monkey wrench may not give you a fixed amount of winnings, but it triggers the bonus round.  If three or more of these monkey wrenches appear in your reel, you will enter into the bonus round.

The minimum bet you can place per spin is $0.01 and the maximum is $0.25.  The maximum number of lines you can play is 20 lines.  If you hit combinations with the handyman and the handywoman on them, you’d be able to watch great animation sequences featuring them.  Fixer-Upper Flip A House is a great game to play.

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