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Fruit Slot

The game Fruit Slot or Fantastic Fruit is another classic slot machine game that has paved the way for innovation with regard to online casino games.  It is a slot machine-based game that features an easy betting system, wherein you could easily increase or decrease the amount that you are currently betting by using the plus and minus buttons.  You put coins depending on the column highlighted with regard to the combinations available in the upper right part of the screen.  In this part you can see the combinations that you need to get and the multiplier that comes with every combination.  This multiplier will determine how much will the current bet be multiplied allowing you to earn as little as 1x up to the maximum of 400x of the amount that you have currently placed as your bet.

You get different graphical representations whenever you get a combination of three on the slot machine.  Sometimes you get fruits rolling on the screen.  At other times you get fruits falling from above.  These graphical displays make sure that the game will not be boring, allowing slot machine players and casino enthusiasts to fully enjoy themselves during their play time.  There is also the auto bet button, a button that allows you to let the system play for you automatically.  This feature is available only by placing or betting real money thru the use of your credit card.  If you want to earn money or cash in-game that you can trade for real cash then this is the right button for you to click on.

The main target here is the cherry combination since it will give out the highest multiplier ranging from 100x multipliers up to the 400x multipliers, depending on your chosen column.  If you take all of these game features into care scrutiny, you will easily find that this game is one of the best slot machine games ever made by using the online gaming platform.  If you want to fully enjoy yourself and relax then this is the perfect game for you to play!  All you need is to download it via the internet and install it so you can play it anytime you want!

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