Games Inspired by the Best Artists in History

Video games have, for a long time, been a source of entertainment, a way to relax, and probably a way to spend time with a peer. Previously, the games facilitated competition between others or even with oneself. With time, video games became more of a commercial concept. Moreover, it brought about not just competitiveness but also increased consumer demand, which inspired the use of advanced technology that fueled the evolution of video games. Here are some of the reasons of the games inspired by best artists.

Video Games

Recently, much debate has been expressed among game scholars on whether video games can achieve recognition as art. Video games evoke the mind to participate while playing than other games like board games creatively. The medium created by video games has become much more than just fun. They have become a receptacle of emotional investment, a new storytelling frontier, and more interestingly, a form of critical expression.

Video games and architecture

The likes of Pac-Man, Grand Theft Auto 4 and Prince of Persia invokes wonder as ordinary fine arts do. Because the video game must move, it cannot offer the necessary balance of composition that we value in arts like painting. Nevertheless, because it moves, it is a way to experiencing architecture and more so to create it in your way.

Grand Theft Auto 4, has the latest iteration, which includes one of the most significant characters ever created in gaming history; a fully realized New York City. Free spins no deposit casinos give you experience in GTA4 by creating carnages in the workings and the marvelous unique characters, the ‘Big Apple,’ staggering details and the remarkable fit for its ‘Scarface’ storyline. Moving through its streets, buildings and its parks with sections makes it fit within the GTA sensibilities, and the soundtracks set the appropriate mood.

The best games stirred by famous artists

The most brilliant video games have been inspired by the likes of Walt Disney to Piet Mondrian. The ‘Transistor’ video game leads the list from the top, and Gustav Klimt encourages it. The transistor is a supergiant’s science fiction game released in 2014 that portrays artists influence in gaming. The game seems to borrow the Australian painter Gustav’s portrait of Adele Bloch-Baure 1 and his other popular paint The Kiss.

Another most fascinating game is ‘Okami’ which was motivated by Katsushika Hokusai, released back in the year 2006. The game is famous for its outstanding graphic style that lent from the Japanese Ukiyo-e genre. The popular theme depicted from the genre was folk tales which made the game focus on folklore and celestial beings. The game comes from Hokusai’s impactful influence on art, and in-game backgrounds.


Video games are a mode of inspiration of artists in filmmaking, architecture, and other mediums of fine art. Moreover, free spins no deposit NetEnt Casino helps you experience some of the best video games. Most of these games are available for both adults and kids. If you have a hyperactive kid, child-friendly games like Superhypercub, Unravel and so on, can help him calm down and concentrate.

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