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Goldrush Classic Slots

Goldrush – Great classic slot from Rival casino. Great payouts, easy to deposit at, and excellent graphics!


Goldrush is another classic slot casino game now available in the computer platform.  It has been exported into online casino games now running rampant in the World Wide Web today.  It is a game featuring an easy betting system by just clicking two buttons, namely the plus button and the minus button.  You can increase or decrease the amount of coins that you bet just by clicking these couple of buttons.  There is also the select coins button, allowing you to choose between a single coin, double coins and triple coins to be placed as a bet.  You can also choose to click the columns for the bets since it will do the same.

Another button available is the bet max button.  This button will allow you to bet the maximum allowed of bet permitted by the game.  This maximum allowed depends on the number of coins that you have placed as bet vis-à-vis the allowed amount for the turn.  Another button is the spin button, a button that you need to press in order to initiate the turn.  Each turn will take about a couple of seconds up to 5 seconds depending upon the speed of your computer together with the speed of you internet connection.  Lastly, there is also the auto bet button.  This button is only available by betting or placing real money on the line.  Here the system will do the betting for you whilst you relax and enjoy watching what happens.  You will be surprised as to how fast your initial investment of money can grow within the span of a couple of minutes up to 5 minutes time.

The game also features a wild card figure.  This figure is that of an old man searching for gold, the flag bearer of the gold rush game.  If you happen to have two combinations of the same figure and you happen to get this wild card as the third one, it will be considered as a valid three-figure combination, allowing you to earn the multiplier specified for the said figure.  This game necessarily needs to be given the review on the positive side since it is well balanced and enjoyable to be played at!

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