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Gunslinger’s Gold: Fun Scratch Card Game

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Gunslinger’s Gold

Scratch Cards Gunslinger’s Gold is a fun way of playing scratch cards.  The moment you open the online interface, you will be greeted by a cowboy, and blinking horse chewing on some grass, as though enticing you to play with him.  The game has this whole Western feel, complete with brown and neutral colors and a sheriff’s badge lying somewhere in the screen.

First time players will have to think of how this game works out first, though, as it does not come with instructions.  Once you get to play once, however, you will realize what the mechanics of the game are and will continually play it for fun… or until your roommate tells you to stop because it’s already time for dinner.

Scratch Cards Gunslinger’s Gold features a digital scratch card with a 3×2 matrix, 6 squares, which cover a set of values to which your bet will be multiplied to.  The game play is simple: you will scratch the card and see what it holds for you.  Every time a value comes up, a cowbell will ring and the value will be marked on the grid on the right side of the screen where the cowboy is supposedly standing by.  Every column will show a silhouette of a different Gunslinger.  If you have made a match of three values, the silhouettes will be filled out with color and your bet will be multiplied accordingly.  Your winnings may be multiplied once until up to 50 times.  So if you bet $100 dollars and you scratched three 50x’s, then you win $50000!

The winnings will be added to your account.  If there are no matches, you lose your bet.  You can click on the “New Card” button on the lower right of the screen to begin a new game—that is, a new card to scratch.  Before you can pick a new card, however, you have to place your bets first.  Bets come in several amounts, starting from $0.01 to $100.  It is a cliché in the casino business that the bigger you bet, the bigger are your winnings.  However, most pro-gamers advise that players stick to betting $1 to $2 a game, just to avoid big losses.

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