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Keno: A Great Casino Game With Huge Payouts

Keno – Great Keno game from rival casinos . Huge payouts, great bonuses, easy to deposit at and much more!


Keno is a casino game that’s gaining more and more popularity among online gamers across the world.  The history of Keno came from way back Ancient China during the days after poker was born in the said land.  Some historians even said that the winnings from Keno were used to pay for the construction of China’s Great Wall.  This game has almost the same mechanics as in the lottery.

Keno is really easy to play. The numbers 1 to 80 are arranged consecutively in 80 rows in a board.  This game has almost the same mechanics as in the lottery.  The players will bet on a maximum of twenty numbers they will choose randomly or as they please.  Then 20 balls will be drawn at random – if there are more than three matches with the numbers on the board and the numbers drawn, the player wins an equivalent prize.  The more matches, the higher the payout, and the bigger the money bet, the bigger the winnings.

The online Keno game is not as different as the analog one – the only difference is that the numbers are drawn electronically.  A counterpart of this is where you could buy a ticket that will run for a set number of games and you can just come by the casino to cash out.  Also, there are different betting strategies that can be applied in the online version.  We have what you’d call a “straight up” where you’d select only six numbers – if three of these numbers get matched, they you will get a payout.  You can repeat the game without having to choose a whole new set of numbers.  Just click on the Play button several times and the game will repeat itself.  Pro-gamers usually advice that players choose less numbers as the odds of winning is high, although there are no rules whatsoever in the quantity of numbers you choose.

Keno may be played for real or for fun.  The “For Real” version will of course require you to cash in some money, while the “For Fun” version is advisable for first time players who just wanted to check out the game.

Winning in the game is not difficult and will not require a degree in rocket science.  All it takes are a few dollars and you’re good to go. Oh, and don’t forget luck.

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