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Major Moolah Progressive Slots

Who said that you can only enjoy casino games inside a casino? With the online versions of these games, you can go anyplace you want and still enjoy casino games to your heart’s desire. Yes, that is possible. One of the many online casino games you can play is Major Moolah, which gives you a chance to win up to 1,500 coins progressively. The coin used is worth $1 and the maximum bet you can give is 3 coins. Thus, with $3 you can already hit the jackpot and play for more. Many players like the cool interface design made to communicate with the players.

It has a nice audio and visual appearance that captures the attention and sustains the interest of those around it. Major Moolah game slots try to recreate the atmosphere of the casino with its game sound ambience. You can even hear the excitement all around you with the murmuring and shouting voices to urge and guide you while you play. This kind of interaction adds to the game desire and will liven up your mood so that wherever you are you can feel the right vibes.

If you like to play classic slots, this game is for you. You can bet to win Star, Gold Seven, White Seven, MM Logo, Blue Seven, Blue Bars, Red Bars and Gold Bars, depending on your bet. For a bet of 2 coins you can already win 1,500 coins. This is equivalent to 3 MM Logos worth $4,500 and is the highest jackpot. You can also bet one coin and win up to 750 coins in return for 3 MM Logos. The third jackpot is worth 600 coins if you bet 3 coins and get 3 Stars. This game is a contemporary spin to the classic slot machine game that everybody loves.

There is no complicated mechanics, just you, your bet, timing and luck. The goal is to match the three reels in one pay line so that you get the jackpot depending on the items you have garnered. The downloadable software will only require for an internet connection and you are good to go. There is no need to install additional software, which will be a hassle if the version is not compatible with your platform.

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