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Milk the Cash Cow Classic Slots

Milk the Cash Cow – Great classic slot from Rival casino. Great payouts, easy to deposit at, and excellent graphics!

Milk the Cash Cow

In the game Milk the Cash Cow, you play as the slot machine player.  It is very much like playing the slot machine game found in casinos and other recreational areas.  The main difference however is that you can play this game right at the comforts of your own home or anywhere you are, anytime you wish.  All you need to do here is to install the said software into your computer and have a constant internet connection in order to get started.  Once you have installed the said software, you can now play by connecting to the server of your choice, which is being powered up by theRIVAL system, a system specifically made for casino games online.

In this game, the figure of the head of the cow serves as a wild card.  It can replace any of the three combinations that you need to get in order to earn money in-game.  The game contains numerous buttons that you need to pay attention to.  One of these buttons is the spin button, the button that is used in order to start the turn.  There is also the plus and minus buttons.  These buttons are used to increase or decrease the amount of coins that you place as the bet.  The coins will determine how much you will earn multiplied by the multiplier found in the left portion of the game screen.  Each turn you have the chance of earning the multipliers between 1 up to 2000 for the first column, 2 to 4000 for the second column and 3 to 10000 for the third column.

The game also contains the bet max button, allowing you to place the maximum permitted bet for the turn.  By clicking this button, you will also set off the start, very much like pressing the spin button.  Lastly, this game contains the auto bet or automatic bet button, a feature that allows you to leave to the system the amount of bet to be placed.  The system will automatically play the game for you whilst you do other things or relax.  After a few minutes you will be surprised to the amount that you have earned!

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