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Money Magic Progressive Slots

There are plenty of slot games that you can play online. One is called Money Magic, which, compared to other slot games, asks for a smaller bet for every game so that your money will be able to take down as much as you want. For as low as $0.05 bet per game, you can win the jackpot prize. The bankroll for every bet increases because of the progressive payment system, which uses 9 pay lines to help the players win bigger.

The developers have included an animated intro so that you will enjoy the underlying concept behind the game. The symbols have also been animated so that the game is even more fun. A five coin slot is used to give you a higher maximum bet, which leads to a higher jackpot if you use the wild symbols and bonuses. Scatter symbols and autoplay options will also make your game easier to manage. Online instant casino games equipped with real music and background music create a lively setup you will definitely enjoy playing while reaping the jackpot.

The symbols used for the game are Cigarette, Lady Assistant, Magician’s Hat, Lady Magician, Magic Wand, Magician, Flowers, Magic Box, Rabbit, Saw, Dove, Cards and Flowers. The game aims to entice the players to play by including magical symbols and insignias in the game. The theme is to create a game atmosphere that both young and old will enjoy. It also has a 2x multiplier to double your winnings. An instant money play acts as the bonus round where you can gather incentives. More than 95% of the players had been observed to return for another round.

The maximum bet per game is $0.25, 0.05 for each of the five slots. Because of the number of pay lines there is a higher chance to come up with a winning combination and bonus. For every round, your winnings can last for the entire night and the remaining is yours to spend. Free games are available if you decide to play as a visitor, but if you want to win real, you have to bet actual money. A few dollars can take you a long way.

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