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One Million Reels BC Progressive Slots

Another interesting online casino game that you should play is the One Million Reels BC, a kind of progressive game with three reels and five pay lines. According to statistics, the percentage of payout in this game is 96%, so close to perfect, which means that it is easy to win in this game. The combination you will get is multiplied by the jackpot for each pair, thus the more you get means you will win higher. For each round of the game you can use up to 15 coins worth $1 each and for each game, you can bet up to $3.75. Scatter symbols are also given so that you will find the online game easier to win.

With the use of online games like One Million Reels BC, you can have a small cash to use as the principal, which can be propagated progressively as you win consequent games. You can also play as a visitor, which comes in free but you cannot win anything. You can try out the visitor mode and get the feel of the game before you bet actual money on it. An autoplay option is another feature that you can use in case you are basing your winnings from random luck. It is another kind of slot game that doubles the stakes with the 5 pay lines and enhances the interface so that they are more enjoyable. Some of the icons you will see are Dinosaur eggs and caveman symbols. The White, Red and Yellow eggs as well as the Caveman, Cavewoman and T-Rex symbols will make you feel that you have been brought back a few million years ago into the prehistoric era. You can even brush up on your history while playing.

For every T-Rex you get, your winnings are multiplied by 2. There are also bonus rewards and bounds to increase your winnings. Imagine, if you have two T-Rex symbols, you automatically have a quadruple win. If you are lucky, you can get the progressive system to give you tons of coins to use for further game involvement. If you would look at the progressive graph, once you get past the minimum required combination to win, you can get higher payout with the bonuses included. For a minimum bet of $0.75, you can win as much as $1500.

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