Psychedelic Sixties i-Slots

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Psychedelic Sixties

The most emotion-filled decade of the last century has to be the sixties.  The sixties represent love, peace, happiness and music.  It left the world many iconic influences.  If you think the sixties is a great slots theme, then the Slot O’ Cash Online Casino agrees with you.  The casino’s gift to all those who love the sixties is the Psychedelic Sixties i-Slots game.  The Psychedelic Sixties i-Slots game is, in every inch, sixties influences.  The color theme used is indeed very psychedelic.  Even the background music oozes of peace and rock and roll.

The symbols in this game are mostly on peace, over and happiness – something one would expect from a sixties-themed game.  When one thinks of the sixties, it is hard not to think of tambourines, peace signs, hearts and flowers.  In Psychedelic Sixties, these are the basic reel symbols.  The character symbols in the game are comprised mostly of hippies.  There is a hippie chick and hippie male symbol.  Both are part of the regular reel.  There is a third symbol, a character who looks a lot like Jimi Hendrix, a classic sixties icon.  This third reel symbol generates the second highest returns in the game, second only to the five-petal flower, which brings the jackpot.

Like all other slots games, Psychedelic Sixties offers wildcard symbols (the heart-shaped love balloons) and bonus round symbols (the psychedelic van).  If these symbols occur more than twice in the reel, then you are entitled to each symbol’s perks.  As mentioned above, the five-petal pink flower triggers the jackpot.  The maximum jackpot can be attained by hitting a five straight pattern of this symbol.  Of course, you prize depends on your bet.

The maximum bet you can put on for each spin is $50.00.  That would be if you used up all 20 lines for betting and bet 10 coins worth $0.25 each.  The minimum bet is $0.01, which is possible if you only bet on the minimum middle line with 1 coin worth $0.01 each.  Put in your bets well and you’ll surely get the rewards you want to get.

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