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Red Dog Table Game

Red Dog – Great table game from Rival casinos. Awesome payouts, great deposit methods and unbelievable action!

Red Dog

The game Red Dog is another one of the developmental games found one the internet today.  It features high quality of graphical display and all different level all in all when compared to other table games online.  You can bet in this game for a minimum of $1 up to a maximum of $200 per turn.  Its easy betting system allows you to bet multiple denominations ranging from the minimal $1, $5 and $10 up to the large ones of $25 and $100.  These denominations are found in the lower middle part of the screen.  You can take back your bet by clicking the ante button available at the lower mid part of the screen.

Once the three cards are drawn, the left card and the right card will be immediately displayed facing forward.  The middle card, however, will remain faced down.  Here, you will be given the option of either further raising your bet or calling the current bet.  If you opt for the former, you will then need to add additional chips.  If you opt for the latter, then the middle card will be flipped over.  If you won, the chips that you have placed as your bet will be double.  If you lose the bet during the turn, then you will only loose the chips that you have placed and nothing more.  You will then have the choice of rebet or placing the same number of chips that you have put on the last turn.  You can also put a whole different set of chips by clicking the ante button.

By considering all of the above given game features and other factors relating to user-friendliness and easy navigation, this game deserves a highly positive review as a table game.  It can be considered as one of the most fun casino games that can be played right at the comforts of one’s home.  The fun part here is that installation only takes around 5 up to 10 minutes time, allowing you as the user to play it over and over again without having to install it multiple times!

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