Reel Crime: Bank Heist i-Slots

Reel Crime: Bank Heist – Great i-slot from rival casinos. Excellent payout, easy to deposit, and much more!

Reel Crime: Bank Heist

A great way to keep casino goers happy is by providing them with great games to play with.  A great casino game is basically a game that not only attracts players with its gamble rewards, but also it features.  A great example of this would be Reel Crime: Bank HeistReel Crime: Bank Heist keeps casino goers interested with its great rewards, game play and interesting storyline.  Reel Crime: Bank Heist is one of the most popular i-Slots games offered by Slot O’ Cash.

Reel Crime: Bank Heist is designed well, aesthetically.  The game graphics are highly influenced by comic book art.  The background sounds are also very complimentary to the game mood.  You can see the hustle and bustle of a night city, which is great for peaceful game play.  All parts of the aesthetic are artfully made and have a lot of taste in them.

The symbols used in Reel Crime: Bank Heist are, as the title suggests, influenced by a bank heist theme.  The basic symbols in the reel include the money bag, brass knuckles, fedora hat, patent shoes and guitar case.  The Tommy gun symbols trigger different things.  If three or more of them are in a pattern, they will trigger the next scene of the story.

If three or more of these are scattered across the reel, the bonus round will be triggered.  The robber silhouette and the money bag ads to the payline wins as well.

Like with most i-Slots games, the minimum bet is $0.01.  If you bet on coin for the maximum playable lines, you will spend about $0.75 per spin.  Using more coins make you bet higher.  The maximum bet is $1, which equates to $75.00 per spin, if you used 5 coins per spin, the maximum number of coins you can bet: The higher you bet, the more money you’ll win and the more lines you play, the more chances of winning.

Reel Crime: Bank Heist is a great game to play.  The storyline is very interesting and the side games are fun to play – definitely worth trying at least once.

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