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Rock On

One of the most influential genres of music is rock.  Rock is the type of music you listen to when you are filled with emotion.  There are so many sub-genres of rock that it’s hard to track.  And because rock music is so influential, Slot O’ Cash Online Casino developed a special i-Slots game that is rock-themed.  The i-Slots game is called Rock OnRock On is such a well-designed game, both aesthetically and technically.  Playing it, you would really feel the vibes of rock and its different sub-genres.

Rock On is designed so tastefully.  You can tell that the developers who designed this game knew rock and its icons.  The layout of the slot game basically looks like a rock stage, similar to those you would see in Woodstock or the Ozzfest.  The fonts used in the letterings are very much Rock and Roll.  In addition, you have a live screaming audience for your background music.  Who wouldn’t feel rocking with that?

The symbols used in the reels are also perfect.  You will find in the reels real rock icons.  You’ll see character symbols that look Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, the Beatles, punk rockers, Cyndi Lauper, Axl Rose, and even Elvis Presley.  These are all certified rock icons.  Aside from these, you will also find guitars, drums and other rock-related images.  The guitars are the most rewarding symbols in the reel.  The red guitar gives a maximum of 4000 points, if it appears in a perfect line of 5.  The drum set symbol triggers the free spins.  The green guitar is a wildcard symbol.  And, of course, the King, Elvis, triggers the bonus round.

Like all i-Slots games in Slot O’ Cash Casino, the minimum bet is $0.01, the minimum lines you can play is one, and the minimum coin bet is one coin.  The maximum, on the other hand, is $0.25 for bets, 20 for lines and 10 for coin bets.

Rock On is one of the most enjoyable slot games offered by Slot O’ Cash.  If you live for rock music, you will enjoy playing this well-made online slot game.

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