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Sudoku Box Game: Great Bonuses

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Sudoku Box Game

Sudoku came about as a game played by children who wanted to challenge themselves mathematically.  In some part of our lives we have played Sudoku, and once you get the pattern, it is easier to fill in the whole 9 by 9 squares.

Gaming designers created an online casino game that follows the idea of Sudoku, minus the need to follow the pattern where each row and column must be equal to 9.  They called it the Sudoku Box Game, available online and powered by its developers.  Basically, the Sudoku Box Game is like your ordinary slot machine, although this time, you have nine squares instead of just three.  When playing, you don’t need to use the numbers 1 to 9 once. In fact the game says you have to match three or more numbers or symbols to win the game, just like your typical slot machine.

The interface is relatively easy to the eye.  In the middle of the game window, you’ll find a 3 by 3 grid and a clickable dropdown pay table on both sides of the grid.  The left pay table shows the payouts available to the player as categorized by the number of matches he makes.  A match is determined after the player clicks spin.  The numbers on the grid eventually spins out and, one by one, shows a number on each square.  To win a bigger payout, the player must match three or more numbers and/or get a bigger amount of money.

Playing is easy, and there are different game modes you can select to maximize your gaming pleasure.   Minimum bet is $2 and the maximum is $10.  However, if you choose the maximum bet, the numbers will automatically spin.  You can keep track of your winnings and losses by checking it out at the menu on the bottom left of the screen.  Also, jackpot prizes are given away if all nine numbers appear once: a) in any order, and the payout will be 500 coins; b) in order, and the payout will be 50,000 coins.  Wagering different number of coins will result to different payouts vis-à-vis the number of matches you get with the game.

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