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Tens or Better Video Poker

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Tens or Better

Tens or Better is another high stakes poker variant that allows play
ers to win using high cards only. The amount of money placed in the winning combinations would start at ten thousand. This is because getting a winning set of five cards could be hard since only twenty five cards in the deck can be used. The other twenty seven cards in the deck is useless including all number cards from one to nine. Only cards including ten, jack, queen, king and ace can be used. When the player gets a full house, straight, pairs and other high set, the prices are increased dramatically. Many players are hooked into the game due to the promise and probability to win large cash.

Tens or Better should be played with a betting scheme that allows player to continuously win without the losing money he has. The best betting scheme for this game is regarded as “trail betting”. Trail betting uses a series of bets that allow players to reduce the risk of losing money as the game commences. This can be done by betting big on the initial hands while cutting down as the players keep winning. Patience and long hours of waiting is required when using this betting scheme. Players cannot simply bet all the money they have every time a good combination appears. The initial large bets should only be done when the player is absolute and sure that his hand has the advantage. When he wins the first hand, the betting should be cut down by half. This should be the same in every turn. This would allow the player to save money while playing.

Tens or better is ideal for both beginners and advance players. It is very easy to play since it uses the regular rules of poker except the number of cards used. By adhering to the basic virtue of patience and prudence, players can win easily. It is a game of timing and knowing when to strike. Winning is not a hard thing to accomplish. By using the best method, players can win in the game without any problems.

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